New Farming Simulator Expansion

29/06/2017 Main

Hello all you amazing readers, thank you from coming back here time and time again. Welcome back, to my hobbies and leisure blog. I read something that will make any of you wanting a Bizon instead of a Doble TT’s. Wait, that is none of you? Well this might be pretty cool anyways. A game that has been surprisingly popular in the past couple years is Farming Simulator and this year is no different. Farming Simulator 17 boasts a ‘Very Positive” review rating on Steam, and part of that is how happy the fans are will the numerous models of tractors, combines and harvesters that get added to the game. It seems that now they are getting even more. Read more

Going Fishing

15/06/2017 Main

Hey y’all, welcome back. This here is my hobbies and leisure blog where I talk about all of the crazy things that I get up to during my off time. With the amount of rain we have been having around here lately I would be remiss to not go fishing, so even though I had to buy all new gear I have been spending lots of time on the water. I am a pretty smart fella, so I was able to get most of my supplies from a used good website called and saved enough money that I can keep going out! Now, fishing isn’t exactly a hobby that will make you smarter but it will help with your tranquility and peacefulness. Here are some things you will need to get started. Read more

Training a Pet

31/03/2017 Main
Training a Pet

Hey everyone, welcome back to my hobby and leisure blog. Me and my girlfriend were just having a discussion about our cat, and how we haven’t been able to play with him as much lately due to work. This is worrisome to be, as our kitten is still quite young so training is very important right now. When we first got him we focused a lot on training, especially when it came to feeding and going outside. You have to instill some basic good behaviour in your animal when it is quite young, as this behaviour will be beneficial in training during its life. Read more

These 5 Hobbies Will Make You Smarter!

15/03/2017 Main

You like to cook or you enjoy your weekends playing computer games? Then I have good news for you! These hobbies aren't just fun, according to the latest scientific research these activities make you smarter. Read more

How to take stunning pictures of the night sky and the stars

01/02/2017 Main
How to take stunning pictures of the night sky and the stars

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13/01/2017 Main

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The Origins of Lego

01/01/2017 Main
The Origins of Lego. 

Hi all, welcome back to my hobbies and leisure blog. I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas and New Year and are as excited as I am about the upcoming year and what 2017 will bring. Today I wanted to continue you a little bit on on the latest blog post I wrote just before Christmas about
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Fixing things

17/11/2016 Main

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Christmas is coming

15/11/2016 Main
Christmas is coming 

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Loving Sitcoms

18/10/2016 Main

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