Beautifying the Crockery

Hello there, Rachel here. Today’s post is going to be a little bit different to the others but it’s focusing on something that is taking up a lot of my time and is consuming my passion right now. I had no idea how excited I would become about kitchenware until I commenced on this journey with my friend.


Beautifying the Table Wear:


Whilst at uni I am working part time at my friend Siofra’s coffee shop. She has owned the coffee shop for a few years now and is currently looking to update much of her crockery and table wear. Siofra has done a wonderful job of creating a really beautiful coffee shop. All of the décor has either been sourced second-hand or made from scratch, often upcycling bottles or old crockery. All of the furniture is antique and the upholstery and scatter cushions have all been made using vintage print fabric. It really is a stunning place and people often comment on what a beautiful job she has done of making it stylish yet homely.


On the Hunt for Vintage Crockery:


The only issue with the coffee shop is the boring, plain, white crockery and table wear that we use. For such an institution of antiquities and design flair, to see a sad little white coffee cup and glass with black plastic French press arrive on a table seems such a sad delivery amongst such beautiful surroundings. So Siofra is on a mission to update, or even backdate, all of the plates, bowls, coffee cups, teacups, teapots and French presses that she uses and she has employed me as her second hand man, or woman! This is the kind of project that I love because it involves shopping of the highest order: rather than rifling through racks and racks of brand new, made in Bangladesh clothing we are going to be working our way through all the charity shops and antiques stores that Dublin has to offer in order to find some vintage crockery, teapots and teacups. For the coffee cups and French presses, our mission is to stalk the internet!



Finding used Le Creuset French Presses:


It’s difficult to find modern pieces that match the style of Siofra’s coffee shop because, in reality, a French press and coffee cups from days gone by would look much more fitting amongst the surroundings. These, however, are pretty rare to find and Siofra wants consistency with her coffee presentation, rather than a bunch of random pieces that will change the way the coffee tastes with each piece. So, to find something beautiful yet functional is the mission of the day. I’ve been doing a lot of research online and there is a really interesting collection of French presses out there, from stunning copper coated cafetieres to slim line white or eggshell blue enamel ones.  Siofra and I were both pretty keen on the copper ones, until I discovered that Le Creuset also make French presses here lecreuset.  


Siofra and I are both mad for Le Creuset, we always have been. From their gorgeous casserole dishes to their beautiful table wear, they always seem to produce timeless, stylish pieces. Unfortunately, their French presses start at £50, which is going to blow Siofra’s budget once she’s bought enough for her customer base. So we’re on the hunt for used Le Creuset French presses. It is proving to be quite a difficult task to find used Le Creuset French presses. There are heaps of used Le Creuset items here: used le-creuset, and there are some real bargains to be had but we haven’t come across any used Le Creuset French presses just yet and we’re starting to wonder if they are part of a new line.  We’re determined Irish women though and will continue with our search until we get exactly what we need for the right price!


The King of Coffee Cups:


Now, onto the coffee cups. I’ve managed to come across something that Siofra absolutely loves and that is Steelite blue coffee cups. These are not cheap and almost impossible to find secondhand. They come with a lifetime chipping/damage guarantee and so I can understand why people would want to hold on to them forever. That and they are seriously stunning! So Siofra is prepared to spend a little more on these because she needs coffee cups that look beautiful but will also withstand use by multiple customers over time.


We’ve got the cups covered, ordered and on their way! We’re on the hunt for used Le Creuset French presses but if we can’t those we will settle for the copper ones. When I say settle, they too are really quite beautiful. Now on to the charity and antique shops! Wish us luck. Thanks guys and chat to you again soon.